Our independent, third-party inspections – carried out by fully certified and qualified surveyors – can help you verify the quality and quantity of your products, minimising risk and ensuring full compliance with relevant regulatory standards.

Covering a range of global port locations, we offer world-leading surveying services that will ensure the integrity of products and enable them to be shipped and delivered safely from port to port. Our expert surveyors will alert you to areas of non-compliance or the presence of non-standard materials, ultimately giving both you and your customers the peace of mind to continue trading smoothly.

Cargo Inspections Group has a particularly strong grounding in the inspection of crude oils, petrochemicals and petroleum, but we are also able to carry out inspections on a wide range of general commodities, agricultural products, metals and minerals, fertilisers and other chemicals. Covering a wide range of locations, our independent specialists will be on hand to validate all aspects of your cargo from before loading to after docking.