Risk and Compliance

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Risk and Compliance

As an accredited member of the TIC Council (TIC), we adhere fully to the TIC’s Compliance Code, which sets out in detail the precise standards of integrity and compliance that members must follow.

We believe that high standards of regulatory compliance are essential, not just for our customers and their cargo, but also within our own company. With offices and operations in several worldwide ports, we ensure that all our staff are fully trained to carry out their duties in full compliance of relevant legislation and regulation.

The Compliance Code consists of the following principles:

1. Integrity – CIG operates in a professional, independent and impartial manner in all of its activities.

2. Conflict of Interest – CIG avoids conflicts of interest with a related entity in which it has a financial or commercial interest and to which it is required to provide services.  CIG avoids conflicts of interest between its own branches and/or companies and ensure that its employees avoid conflicts of interest with the activities of CIG.

3. Confidentiality and Data Protection – CIG respects the confidentiality and privacy of client’s information and ensure processes are in place to adequately protect such information.

4. Anti-bribery – CIG prohibits the offer or acceptance of a bribe in any form, including kickbacks on any portion of a contract payment.  CIG prohibit the use of any routes or channels for provision of improper benefits to, or receipt of improper benefits from, customers, agents, contractors, suppliers, employees of any such party, or government officials.

5. Fair Business Conduct – CIG conducts itself with the highest standards of business ethics and integrity, and shall not do anything which would bring its reputation, or the reputation of the TIC Council or the TIC industry, into disrepute.

6. Health and Safety – CIG implements training and procedures to protect the health and safety of employees, customers, and third parties and shall monitor incidents with the view of minimising risks in the course of business operations.

7. Fair Labour – CIG is aware of its social responsibility for its employees and the people, communities and environments in which it works and shall respect human rights.

Our Compliance Department have oversight of this function and ensure rigid implementation of compliance policy, advising senior management on best practice and investigating reports of potential misdemeanours.


Internal Controls

As well our internationally recognised TIC accreditation and adherence to the TIC Compliance Code, Cargo Inspections Group’s own codes of conduct and controls are designed to ensure that the best practices are upheld at an internal level.

Our bespoke in-house training programme involves comprehensive modules on ethics, integrity and compliance to give employees a full understanding of their requirements and our expectations. Over more than twenty years, we have developed a culture of mutual respect and responsibility where any member of staff can discuss any potential issues in confidence and in an open and transparent manner.

Based on respected international standards, Cargo Inspections Group has developed its own comprehensive Code of Conduct, which sets out the fundamentals of our corporate responsibility goals and strategy. This includes our confidentiality agreement, anti-bribery, conflict of interest and fair and honest marketing policies.

Our corporate governance structure provides clear channels of accountability for ethical and compliance matters.