The composition and characteristics of oil can vary widely from source to source, making in-depth standardised testing an essential tool for all stakeholders. Our two-decade strong background in oil analysis, sampling, inspection and testing makes us true experts in the field, and our internationally respected certificates can be used as assurance for buyers as well as in dispute resolution.

With global coverage ranging from the Baltic to the Far East and daily port updates delivered to all our clients,Cargo Inspections Group is perfectly situated to assist with – and potentially add value to – your oil cargo. As well as carrying out surveying and testing services, our highly-trained staff are also equipped to help you minimise potential loss or damage through loss analysis and tank calibration.

From port to port, we can ensure that your oil cargo complies with both international and local safety regulations. At every step of the way, we can monitor the condition of your oil cargo and deliver up-to-the-minute status reports to help you make informed decisions about your goods.