Corporate Responsibility

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Corporate Responsibility

As a rapidly growing business operating in several global jurisdictions, Cargo Inspections Group invests heavily in maintaining the highest standards of professional ethics, corporate responsibility and compliance with international trading practices. We believe that trust and honesty are essential to the success of our business, and have fostered a corporate culture in which our staff are well-trained and able to report potential breaches of integrity in confidence.

From our most senior management to our newest recruits, CIG’s structure and robust internal practices ensure that we operate sustainably and responsibly within the international business community.

Ethics and Integrity

Ethical conduct is a fundamental part of Cargo Inspections Group’s corporate responsibility. Our rigorous ethics training is designed to give all staff a firm grounding in what is expected of them as CIG employees, and to direct them to the relevant channels for reporting any potential breach of our ethical code.

In line with our ‘zero tolerance’ approach to unethical behaviour, we make it easy for employees to report potential misconduct through confidential channels.

We believe that maintenance of high standards of corporate integrity is the best way to uphold our strong reputation within the international inspections community, and therefore strive to treat our employees, clients and wider community with fairness and transparency.

As an inspection firm, we know how important it is to carry out business sustainably, and our management team is therefore keen to continuously build on and develop our environmental practices for the future.